Go Foil - Plate Mast

Brand: GoFoil

Go Foil Plate Mast

GoFoil prioritizes performance over convenience, so they chose to mold the mast and fuselage in one piece. The advantages of one-piece construction are increased stiffness, superior strength, no weak points of connections and extreme reduction of reliance of metal parts. Built with 100% pre-preg carbon fiber. Pre-preg is when carbon fiber is directly impregnated with epoxy resin, resulting in a perfect ratio for the highest quality process. GoFoil has designed with simplicity in mind, Plug and Play. The front and back foils attach to the fuselage with one screw, simple. 


Mast Length Mast Thickness Chord Length
26.5" 0.55” 5.39”
29.5″ 0.55” 5.39”
32.5" 0.55”  5.39”
36.5" 0.55” 5.39”
40" 0.55" 5.39"


  • 4 washers—must be used to honor warranty
  • 4 M8x1x30mm stainless steel bolts
  • 4 mast track t nuts
  • Front wing:1-M6x1x25mm flat top countersunk stainless steel screw
  • Back wing:1-M6x1x18mm flat top countersunk stainless steel screw
  • Mast cover