Quickblade - UV - All Carbon

Brand: Quickblade

Meet the U-V 88, the latest addition to the Quickblade family of paddles. The "U-V" is the lightest, strongest and most powerful blade Quickblade have ever created.

All Carbon

SQ/IN  Blade Width  Blader Height Blade Weight
UV-82 82 6.75" 17.5" 16 oz
UV-88 88 7" 18" 16 oz

This paddle is all about more power, less effort. The signature scoop creates a stronger catch with a smaller surface area, while the new "Black Diamond Elite" shaft is QB's strongest/lightest carbon creation - strategically removing excess materials and adding a little bit back in just the right places to maximise strength/minimize weight.

No matter if you order a Fixed, Adjustable or Travel Shaft(3-piece) we are here to help you with your selection. Fixed shafts come in size ranges and can be cut to your specs either by our store specialists or by you under our guidance. Fixed Paddles shafts are measured from the blade tip to the top of the handle adding approx 7" to 10" to your hight. You can order your fixed paddle in the following size ranges:

Tall   75" - 85"
Medium 70" - 80"
Short 65 - 75"