Quickblade - UV - Hex Flex

Brand: Quickblade

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Meet the U-V 88, the latest addition to the Quickblade family of paddles. The "U-V" is the lightest, strongest and most powerful blade Quickblade have ever created.

This paddle is all about more power, less effort. The signature scoop creates a stronger catch with a smaller surface area, while the new "Black Diamond Elite" shaft is QB's strongest/lightest carbon creation - strategically removing excess materials and adding a little bit back in just the right places to maximise strength/minimize weight.

Hex Flex SQ/IN  Blade Width  Blader Height
UV-82 82 6.75" 17.5"
UV-88 88 7" 18"

The Hex Flex construction used for the blade consists of a hexagonal net similar to the one used in the Vector Net series but with hexa shape, combining a carbon, glass and aramid over the core of the paddle, strategically laminating to find the perfect balance of rigidity. They are paddles that have a perfect balance between stiffness and flexion thanks to the hybrid construction made by combining fiberglass and carbon fiber.