Sunova - Suns - Suns Tec - Paddleboard

Brand: Suns

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Available Dimensions 

Color Length  Width Depth Volume
Purple 9'4"
31" 4 3/4" 157.5 ltr
Blue 9'8" 32" 4 3/4" 168.4 ltr
Green 10'4" 32" 4 3/4" 180 ltr
Red 11'1" 33" 4 3/4" 199.1 ltr

The SUNS Paddle Boards are made for everyone, these boards will work for anyone and everyone. Designed as a board that can cater to both Flatwater and Ocean conditions, these boards track well in the flat and perform great out in the surf. The durability of these boards is on another level so they are truly suited to riders of any age and ability. Coming in 4 sizes you’ll be sure to find a board that suits, check one out today!

 Suns Technology 

The Suns are a rock solid product, that covers a wide variety of users at an accessible price point.