Sunova - Surf Foilboard - TR3 Tec

Brand: Sunova

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Available dimensions 

Length Width Depth Volume
4'0" 18" 2 9/16" 32.1
4'6" 20" 2 3/4" 35.1
4'11" 20" 2 15/16" 40.1
5'3" 20" 2 15/16" 43.2
5'8" 21" 3" 48.3

Surf Foilboard

The Surf Foilboard takes surfing to the next level, imagine flying on waves that were never even possible to surf. Get the longest rides of your life. Designed by Marcus Tardrew.

TR3 Technology

TR3 uses special paulownia wood. Approximately three pieces are used per board thus faster to apply and lighter than other techniques. It’s double the thickness of balsa wood, while using the unique sandwich technique this creates a stiffer board but durable. The higher density of the paulownia wood makes for a stronger impact like paddle, heels, knees, or harder objects. The TR3 uses no carbon, but the combination of fiber and pulling the wood lower creates a similar effect as to using carbon. Keeping the unique hand brushed rail paint makes it difficult to notice paddle strokes and repairs as easy as possible. TR3 uses a single deck pad with embossed diamond grip. All Sunova boards come with custom fins for each of the boards.