Sharpeye - Inferno 72 - E3 Epoxy - Surfboard

Brand: Sharpeye

Inferno 72

The Inferno 72 is the model Sharpeye Surfboards built for the 2021 Stab in the Dark contest. This board is a PU/PE replica of the Dark Arts Epoxy board that took the win.

The Inferno 72 was originally designed for Filipe Toledo to compete on at "The Rumble at the Ranch" competition in 2020. Filipe ended up winning the comp. When Sharpeye shaper Marcio Zouvi was approached by Stab to enter the Dark Arts edition he chose to supply the Inferno 72.

The Inferno 72 is a tuned up version of the Disco Inferno, a tried and tested QS favourite. We have added more rocker in the entry and exit for more hold through turns and drive. It’s going to surf its best in small to medium waves and just like the Disco Inferno the Inferno 72 is a performance surfboard that will handle just about all conditions thrown at it and maintain its spark.

Standard Sizes

Length Width Thickness Volume
5' 8” 18.75" 2.3750 25.3L
5' 9” 18.75” 2.4375” 26.4L
5' 10” 19” 2.6250” 28
5' 11” 19.25” 2.50” 28.8L
6’ 0" 19.75” 2.6250" 30.5L
6’ 1" 19.50” 2.6250" 31.2L
6' 2” 19.6250” 2.6250" 32.4L


High Volume Sizes

Length Width Thickness Volume
5' 8” 19.00" 2.473575 25.3L
5' 9” 19.25” 2.50” 27.9L
5' 10” 19.25” 2.6250” 29.4L
5' 11” 19.50” 2.50” 29.2L
6’ 0" 19.75” 2.6250" 31.5L
6’ 1" 20” 2.6250" 32L
6' 2” 20.25.” 2.6250" 33.4L

Skill Level

The Inferno FT (Filipe Toledo Model) is the Quad fin, tuned-up version of the ever-popular Inferno 72. This board has been developed to offer Unparalleled Acceleration, Speed and Flow and would be perfect companion to the Inferno 72. for the intermediate to advanced level surfer from 2-6 feet in all types of waves, from reef to point breaks.


The Inferno FT (Limited Edition) from SharpEye Surfboards delivers you the world’s fastest surfboard with unparalleled acceleration, speed and flow. The Inferno FT allows electric performance in a vast range of wave types and sizes.

The Inferno FT has been a staple in all conditions for Filipe Toledo over the last 18 months. His progressive approach to performance surfing has revolutionised what is possible from the modern Quad fin. From Bells to G-land the Inferno FT offers Unparalleled Acceleration, Speed and Flow.

This board has been developed to work best with the FCS II H4 Quad set.


An evolution of the Inferno 72, the Inferno FT features a Quad fin design with a medium single concave that runs into a deep double concave between the fins that flows into a flat exit through the tail. This bottom contour, combined with the same proven rocker from the Inferno 72, allows electric performance in a vast range of wave types and sizes.

It’s recommended to order the Inferno FT in the same size as your go-to shortboard. Drop one inch for a step down. Contact us for custom dimensions.

PU Construction 

PU is a closed cell foam and is made by pouring the chemicals into a blank mold and expanding until it fills the entire mold. PU foam is water resistant and absorbs water slowly. The water breaks into the foam, cell by cell. "Polyurethanes are formed by reacting a polyol (an alcohol with more than two reactive hydroxyl groups per molecule) with a diisocyanate or a polymeric isocyanate in the presence of suitable catalysts and additives."  PU is a foam technology that is well proven and tested over decades. PU is versatile. If you are going to get a board made out of PU. There's a reason PU blanks have been around for over half a century. They're reliable and used by many of the world's best surfers.