Rentals & Lessons

We brought the whole family to Fort Pierce for a week at the beach and Spunky's Surf Shop fixed up all 9 of us with boogie boards and surfboards. The price was amazing and the service was great. We'll definitely be back again next year! (The Mortons - Los Angeles)


Here on vacation and need a Surfboard, Bodyboard or Paddle Board? We got the equipment to make your day at the beach a perfect one. Whether you're a beginner who's trying surfing for the first time or a seasoned veteran who needs a board, we've got you covered with our rental boards. 

Want to inhale the spirit of surfing and learn ride the waves? We do partner with the best surf coaches in the area. Our experience does show that those classes that are directly arranged between the coach and the students, generate the best results. So find their details below and contact them as early as possible as they are highly demanded. See their details below.



Surfboard Rentals

Spunky's Rental Boards are your ultimate destination for the best rental boards, no matter the size or shape! With waves aplenty and no board on hand? No worries! We've got you covered with our diverse array of boards suitable for experts and beginners alike. Our selection is not just good; it's pristine.

Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes tailored to match your skills or the prevailing conditions. At Spunky's, we proudly offer the latest Torq boards, the very same ones we ride ourselves and have proven to be the top choice for our local surf. 



Performance boards
Board Size Volume
Torq Hybrid 5'8"  30.6 ltr
Torq Multiplier 5'8" 28.8 ltr
Torq Fish 6'6" 39.6 ltr


Fun Shapes 
Board Size Volume
Torq Big Boy 6'6"   43.5 ltr
Sunova Christian Fletcher Loose Juice 6'7" 36.9 ltr
Sunova Christian Fletcher Doheny 6'0" 38.1 ltr
Torq Fun 6'8" 41.8 ltr
Torq M2 V+ 7'4" 56 ltr


Board Size Volume
Torq Longboard 8'0" 60 ltr
Torq Longboard 9'0" 72 ltr
Catch Surf Soft Top 7'0" 72 ltr
Catch Surf Soft Top 8'0" 86 ltr
Catch Surf Soft Top 9'0" 98 ltr


Surfboard Rental Pricing 

We do offer, half, full and multiple day rentals. Our Rental Rates start at $19.00 and include leashes. Up on availability we also provide soft car racks at no charge, so you can get the boards and the family to the beach.

2 Hours $19.00
Half Day $29.00
Full Day $39.00
Two Day Rental $69.00



Paddle Board Rentals

Do you want to enjoy the Florida waterways? If you enjoy adventure, then paddle boarding is for you. With the top of the line equipment and the ability to explore the coolest mangrove hideouts, paddle with manatees and dolphins, or getting to surf on a paddle board at the beach. All it’s missing is you!

Here at Spunky’s surf shop we’re local and strive to share our knowledge about paddle boarding from proper technique, what spoil islands are best for picnicking, and how to enjoy and be safe while exploring the most beautiful scenery. Come in or call us for options on delivery to best spots or tours.

Paddle Board Rental Pricing 

We do offer, half, full and multiple day rentals. Our Paddle Board Rental Rates start at $49.00 and we include leash, fins, paddle and PFD. Up on availability we also provide soft car racks at no charge, so you can get the boards and the family to the beach.

Half Day $49.00
Full Day $69.00
Two Day Rental $129.00



At Spunky’s we’re trained to read weather conditions, so you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Our team will provide you and your group with an intro to stand up paddle boarding if needed, so you may enjoy the beautiful waterways we have to offer. All recreational paddle board rental come with a paddle, lifebelt and whistle as requested by the USCG.


Our Paddle board rental equipment is the top of the line. The boards you rent from us are the same boards we sell in the shop, and that our team riders use. We work diligently to provide each customer with an enjoyable experience on and off the water.


Sunova is one of the Top Ranked paddle board brands. The premiere technology used to create their boards is one of a kind. No other paddle board company has the ability to combine performance, durability and be lightweight.




Surf Lessons & Coaches

Our Coaching Philosophy

Nobody learns how to surf just by taking lessons - Learning to surf means to go out have fun but also train by yourself. So a lot of what is needed to get the basics is a good understanding on how surfing works.

Surfing is an exhilarating experience, and it's even better when you know what you're doing! Learning to surf is not only easy but also more fun than you've had all year. We sincerely appreciate your interest in mastering the art of surfing, and we're excited to help you embark on this thrilling journey.

This starts with a detailed intro at the shop or on the beach. If you understand how the water, the swell and the surf function, you'll understand how to use it to surf. We want to keep the "push into the wave" period short. To be able to paddle a waves yourself is the key.

Long time experience shows that this approach that hands over part of the responsibility of the overall success to the student works best for everybody. So if your want to learn how to surf properly, we have all the boards and the setup to guide you.


We've partnered with the finest local surf coach who is dedicated to sharing his passion and expertise with you. Don't hesitate to reach out to him directly to schedule your surf lessons. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to refine your skills, our experienced surf community is here to guide you every step of the way.

Coach Phone Number Email Segment
Coach Michel Flores  772-940-2055  Surfing
Coach Victoria Burgess 754-264-2230 Paddle Boarding