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Torq - Don HP ACT - Surfboard
From $950.00 $999.99
Savage - Big Rat
$619.95 $799.99
Savage - Egg Beater
$799.95 $899.99
Savage Surfboards - Bootlegger
From $699.95 $899.99
Savage - ZooLander
$560.00 $650.00
Throwback Thursday "The preservation of 1973"
July 18, 2024

Throwback Thursday "The preservation of 1973"

In 1973, a powerful poster united the Fort Pierce community in a crucial fight to save North Jetty from private developers. This rallying cry galvanized residents, leading to a successful campaign to preserve this cherished stretch of coastline. Thanks to their dedication, we can all enjoy these beautiful beaches for generations to come. 

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Throwback Thursday Rosie
July 11, 2024

Throwback Thursday Rosie

This Throwback Thursday, we’re reminiscing about the vibrant and beloved Rosie, who rocked her Spunky's performance shirt like no one else! Always stylish and beach-ready, Rosie was more than just a team member at Spunky's Surf Shop—she was the shop mom, a confidante, and a source of endless love and laughter for our community.

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Throwback Thursday Celebrating Fourth of July Memories
July 04, 2024

Throwback Thursday Celebrating Fourth of July Memories

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! As we gear up for today's festivities, let's throw it back to some amazing memories from past celebrations. Did you know that fireworks have been a part of Independence Day since its first celebration in 1777? It's incredible how this tradition has endured, lighting up our skies and our hearts with the spirit of freedom and joy in this great nation!

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