Customs & Repairs

Custom Boards

We carry a fine selection of best in class custom boards from Savage Surfboards - Wilmington, North Carolina. This is based on Kenny's and Shawn's expertise shaping some of the best boards for the East coast. Kenny has been shaping for over 50 years and has evolved and grown with the surfing industry over the decades.



Kenny started his business in Florida and is familiar with the local conditions. No matter if you meet Kenny or Shawn at our shop, or if you discuss your shape with them on the phone, time will not matter to them. Because finding the best shape is a process of understanding you and you surfing. This is why Savage is successful since 1982.

Come and look at some Savage Surfboard's masterpieces, and if you then want to get a unique classic built, talk to us and we'll arrange things for you.

Board Repairs

Don't take your board out if there is a risk of water intruding into the core. Even a small ding, a minor surface crack, or a loose fin box will cause your board taking on water. Besides the effect of salt water building ugly stains, your core and stringer may take serious damage, rot or delaminate if water is sitting in there. The more water, the more the damage and the longer the repair time!
If you want to get it done right, get it done at Spunky's Surf Shop board repair partner, Impact Surfboard OR LineDrive Surfboards. We work with local shaper to give you the best board repairs while supporting our local surf community! 

Contact LineDrive Surfboards repair services at:
Skip Miller

Contact Impact Surfboards repair services at:

Used & Demo Boards

Sales, Specials, Trade-Ins

We sell only pristine used boards, that meet our high expectations. With our years of experience we have created a grading system that all used boards undergoes. Every board is check before it goes out on the shelf and if needed necessary repairs are made, to ensure it will provide you long lasting fun. Check in with the store from time to time or look online at our inventory, specials or demo boards as they sell fast.

We also do Trade-In's or buy pre-owned surf- paddle- skim- boards based on store credit. So don't have a board sitting in the corner, that you'll never ride any more - someone might just look for one as yours in our store or online. Profit from our local marketplace and our followers on Facebook and Instagram.
You have a vintage board, we'd love to add it to our museum collection or help find a new home for it! Please call the manager for all vintage surfboard inquiries.