Sunova - Christian Fletcher - Loose Juice - Suns Tec

Brand: Sunova
Available dimensions   
Length Width Depth Volume
5'7" 18 5/8" 1 9/16" 22.5 ltr
5'9" 19 3/16" 1 5/8" 24.6 ltr
5'11" 19 3/4" 1 5/8" 26.8 ltr
6'1" 20 5/16" 1 11/16" 29.1 ltr
6'3" 20 7/8" 1 3/4" 31.6 ltr
6'5" 21 7/16" 1 13/16" 34.2 ltr
6'7" 22" 1 13/16" 36.9 ltr

The Loose Juice  

The Loose Juice is the all-round board of choice in the Christian Fletcher surfboards range, this beast has some crazy contours and curves that makes you question everything you know!  The board has a super deep concave running through the bottom and a relatively straight outline which makes it quick down the line yet loose and agile off the tail, it also isn’t afraid to take flight. As a one board quiver the Loose Juice does not disappoint.

Christian Fletcher 

Christian Fletcher was born in Hawaii but grew up in San Clemente. He began surfing competitively at 5. He placed second in the 1982 U.S. Championships and third in the 1985 National Scholastic Surfing Association Juniors. In 1989 he appeared on the cover of Surfer magazine. Fletcher placed second in the 1982 U.S. Championships and finished the 1985 NSSA Open Season ranked third in Juniors. The same year, at age 14, he turned pro.

Even at that early age, he was bored by much of the surfing going on around him. "I just grew up skateboarding," he recalls, "and it seemed like, you know, I was doing airs on my skateboard and it just seemed natural to do on the surfboard, too. And I just couldn't stand doing what everybody else was doing." He tried his luck in selected events on the ASP world tour for several years, but failed miserably.

If contests could not provide an avenue for his progressive approach, surf videos could. He was insisting that the next frontier for surfing was in the air. Christian Fletcher is the founding father of aerial surfing. 

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