Sunova - Dynamo - C2TR3TEC - Surfboard

Brand: Sunova

 Available Dimensions 

Length Width  Depth Volume
19 3/16"
2 5/16"
27.9 ltr
19 11/16"
2 5/16"
29.7 ltr
20 1/4"
2 3/8"
32.2 ltr
20 13/16"
2 7/16"
34.9 ltr
21 3/8"
2 1/2"
37.7 ltr
21 7/8"
2 9/16"
40.6 ltr
22 7/16"
2 5/8"
43.8 ltr
7'0" 23"
2 11/16"
47.1 ltr


The Dynamo is a really versatile board, it has a performance shortboard rocker so it surfs really well off the tail, allowing you to get vertical in sections you wouldn't think a wide nose would go.. Given the generous area in the nose, roundhouse cutbacks off the whitewater are effortless. If you are an advanced surfer you also might be able to get some toes over, which on a shortboard sounds strange, but it's a euphoric experience! 

C2TR3 Construction

C2TR3 technology is Sunova’s newest surfboard construction. It was imagined and created to bring amazing value for money, with a high end construction at a mid tier price point. It is available for all surfboards. 

Sunova has always strived to make the best boards possible, but what actually constitutes the best? Great shapes, good performance, amazing construction, usable lifetime, good for the environment but also without hurting the bank? With C2TR3tec Sunova has incorporated all of these factors and more, using sustainable materials with their tried and tested range to bring a product to market that seriously ticks all the boxes. 

A lightweight EPS core is coupled with a parabolic carbon fiber rail and sustainably sourced Paulownia wood making for a very aesthetically pleasing package. The wood is sandwiched top and bottom with fiberglass and bio epoxy resin, giving it good flex characteristics but making it extremely resistant to dings or depressions. 

Fitted with a self-regulating air vent that utilizes a slightly permeable Goretex membrane encased in a special aluminum vent designed and engineered by TBF, C2TR3tec boards are functional and forward-thinking.