Sunova - Evolve - Carbon TR3 - Surfboard

Brand: Sunova

Available Dimensions

Length Width Depth Volume
21 1/2"
2 11/16"
41.6 ltr
7'0"  22"
2 11/16"
45.8 ltr
22 7/16"
2 11/16"
50.1 ltr
22 9/16"
2 7/8"
57.3 ltr

The Evolve

The Evolve was designed as someone's first board coming off a soft board. It's designed to catch waves easy, super stable, and fast, really fast, with ample nose and tail area. Plus plenty of nose and tail volume, stance and positioning on the board is not critical, you can stand anywhere and it still goes. 

 Carbon TR3

Carbon TR3 uses special paulownia wood.  It’s double the thickness of balsa wood, while using the unique sandwich technique this creates a stiffer board but durable. The higher density of the paulownia wood makes for a stronger impact like paddle, heels, knees, or harder objects. With carbon fiber wrapped around the rails it enhances the flex of the board.