4Ocean - Humpback Whale

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Pull a Pound for Humpback Whales

Humpback whales are known for their haunting songs, altruistic nature, and spectacular breaching and tail fluking displays. They’re also one of the most migratory whale species, traveling thousands of miles each year between their feeding grounds near the poles and their breeding grounds near the equator.

Entanglement in fishing gear, boat strikes, noise pollution, and climate change are some of the greatest threats humpback whales face.

  • 100% recycled 4ocean Plastic cord
  • 100% recycled stainless steel charms
  • 95% post-consumer recycled glass beads
  • Hand assembled by local artisans
  • Unisex, adjustable, waterproof
  • Raises awareness about the impact of plastic pollution on marine life
  • Recycled material content verified by GreenCircle Certified
  • Guilt-free shipping is carbon neutral and plastic free