SunCure - Ding All Sanding Resin

Brand: Sun Cure

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Sun Cure 8 oz Sanding Resin

Sun Cure resin is premixed with unique hardener that is activated by the sun's ultra violet light. Non-yellowing resin cures in minutes when exposed to sunlight, no matter what temperature outside.

When you ride your surfboard regularly, dings happen. Fixing them is never fun, but taking good care of your board means it will ride better and last longer. With this Sun Cure 8 oz Sanding Resin you’ll be back in business in no time. It's specifically formulated to repair surfboard dings and comes out smooth and totally clear. Use it correctly and it'll look like your surfboard never took any damage at all! 


  • One (1) Sanding Resin from Sun Cure
  • Great way to fix dings on your surfboard