Future - P Series Vapor Core - Tri Fin

Brand: Futures

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P Series 

P Series is a large sized thruster in the Pivot template category. The reduced rake allows for tighter turns in the pocket, and gives a balanced feel for all-around performance.


    The most predictable yet dynamic fins on the market. Handmade, Vapor Core features a woven carbon exoskeleton that has been preloaded under tension for strength and spark. Instead of using a low-density foam core to reduce weight, we’ve removed the core all together with a truly hollow core. The preloaded exoskeleton fibers, like a spark ready to ignite, yield instantaneous power transfer from your feet directly to the water for explosive power. The strong yet lightweight aerospace grade materials and hollow core provide quicker reaction times without sacrificing control and predictability. Vapor Core is available in all Legacy Series template categories and sizes.



    Side Fin Center Fin
    HEIGHT 4.44" 4.22"
    BASE 4.24" 4.12"
    AREA 14.22" 13.22"


    Side Fin Center Fin
    HEIGHT 4.55" 4.45"
    BASE 4.35" 4.25"
    AREA 14.98" 14.05"


    Side Fin Center Fin
    HEIGHT 4.69" 4.46"
    BASE 4.48" 4.35"
    AREA 15.90" 14.77"