Futures - F Series - Honeycomb - 5 Fin Set

Brand: Futures

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The F Series 

The F Legacy 5-fin is a Neutral template category. The Honeycomb construction gives a balanced feel for all-around performance. The 5-fin set is designed to be ridden as either a Thruster or Quad set-up, packaged together for more versatility through your quiver. 

Specifications F4

Area Height  Base Foil
Side Fin 14.22
4.22 Flat
Center Fin 14.22 4.37 4.22 Symm

Specifications F6

Area  Height Base Foil
Side Fins 15.12 4.56 4.35 Flat
Center Fin 15.12 4.56 4.35 Symm

Specifications F8

Area Height Base  Foil
Side Fins 15.98 4.64 4.55 Flat
Center Fin 15.98 4.64 4.55 Symm