Lisa Jill Allison - Custom Tumblers


Lisa Jill Allison's Artistic Tumblers: A Canvas in Hand

Immerse yourself in the world of Lisa Jill Allison, where the heart meets art, and every sip from her custom tumblers tells a vivid tale. Born in the picturesque landscapes of New England and now soaking in the sun-soaked inspirations of Florida, Lisa channels her surroundings and feelings into her art with an unmatched passion.

Working from her luminous studio in Downtown Fort Pierce, FL, Lisa isn't just creating tumblers; she's crafting experiences. Every swirl, splash, and delicate brushstroke encapsulates her journey — from the vivid florals of the Sunshine State to the serene seascapes reminiscent of her New England roots. Occasionally, you might even glimpse woodland creatures and abstract designs, all birthed from her imaginative soul.

It's not just about the colors or patterns; it's about the emotion. Lisa's background in early childhood education is evident in her creations. There's an infectious joy, a childlike wonder that dances across each tumbler. It's as if she's capturing that beautiful, fleeting moment of childhood curiosity and wonder, and gifting it to you in a form you can hold.

A dedicated cyclist, nature enthusiast, and a spirit that constantly seeks connection with the world, Lisa's tumblers are an ode to the beauty of the environment. They're more than just drink ware; they're a piece of Lisa's soul, a snapshot of her daily communion with nature and her ever-evolving exploration of artistry.

So, as you hold a Lisa Jill Allison custom tumbler, know that you're not just holding a beverage container. You're holding a piece of art, a fragment of a journey, and a sip of the boundless spirit of an artist who ends each day with a heart full of gratitude. Embrace, enjoy, and be enthralled.