Spunky's Surf Shop - Jetty Rat - Magnet

Brand: Spunky's

Add a touch of seaside charm to your home with Spunky's Surf Shop Magnets! Perfect for surfers and ocean enthusiasts, these magnets capture the adventurous spirit of the Spunky's Surf Shop. Featuring vibrant colors and a durable design, they’re ideal for holding up notes, photos, or your latest surf session schedule on your fridge or any magnetic surface. Whether in your kitchen or your beer fridge, these magnets are a fun and functional way to keep a piece of your favorite surf shop close at hand. Dive into the wave of nostalgia and surf vibes with Spunky's Magnets!

Design: Iconic Jetty Rat character with vibrant, beachy colors
Material: High-quality, durable magnet
Use: Perfect for fridges, lockers, and any magnetic surface
Perfect For: Surf lovers, beach enthusiasts, and anyone looking to add a splash of fun to their space