Sunova - Big Boy - Morphlex - Surfboard

Brand: Sunova

Available dimensions 

Length Width Depth Volume
9'2" 24"
2 15/16"
68.2 ltr
10'0" 24"
3 3/8"
84.4 ltr

The Bigboy

Anyone over 220 lbs 100 kg and of a bigger stature can take advantage of a high performance longboard tailored to a larger person.

With a 24 inch width, it adds an almost shortboard curve to the outline. The tight pulled running into a clean curve back to the middle, allows smooth yet still tight snaps as the board flexes under the weight of a heavier surfer. A nice balance of flex and Curve in one package. If you thought your surfing days were getting limited with the frustration of not catching many waves, revive your surfing on the Big Boy and be alive. Catch waves, get stoked and have fun!


Morphlex is Sunova's premium performance construction. Developed over the last 5 years, from the persistent pursuit of perfect performance. It is the primary construction for all surfboards under 8’ by Sunova.

Morphlex is designed to have more spring and return in shorter boards than its Balsa Flex predecessor, giving you a positive “more flexible” flex pattern as the board is loaded and unloaded through sections. “Morphing” and bending right into the pocket and rebounding predictably these boards fly out of sections with so much speed and life. A lightweight EPS core is coupled with a ½” parabolic balsa/composite rail that is then sandwiched between balsa skins top and bottom offering a product with unmatched spring and return. 

The bottom is a 1.5mm balsa/fiberglass sandwich that is not completely rigid. This softer area on the bottom cushions the ride of the board, making it amazingly unaffected by chatter, giving you a smooth ride even when conditions are bumpy and average. The deck is a 2mm balsa/fiberglass sandwich with highlighted mini I beams that connect the glass under the wood, with the glass over. This creates a very rigid strong sandwich structure that is incredibly resistant to compressions, creating a strong and responsive feeling underfoot. 

Finished off with solid balsa/composite nose and tail blocks for additional resistance to dings, these boards look even better than they perform. Fitted with a self-regulating air vent that utilizes a slightly permeable Goretex membrane encased in a special aluminum vent designed and engineered by TBF, Morphlex boards are functional and forward-thinking.