Sunova - Carbon Paddle

Brand: Sunova

Carbon Paddle
Fixed or Adjustable

The Carbon paddle is the lightest way to make paddles. Super clean and super strong with the perfect flex. The look of the carbon is used to allow it more flex than normal 3K carbon would. On top of that all carbon blades get a mega thin rubber edge that will protect your board, while you don't even notice it. Just try knocking on it. Sounds cool! 

Paddle Specifications 

Blade Area 82" sq2
Blade Length 19"
Blade Width 7 1/2"


Normally its hard to take care of something that looks stunning and at the same time get the most possible performance. This Paddle will take care of both. This paddle is using our standard layup with a final 12K carbon layer. This layer is making sure the right flex goes into this carbon blade. At the same time it looks stunning with this carbon look. The Carbon blade also uses our amazing mega-thin rubber edge which makes it much harder to ding your board.