Sunova - Casey Flash - TR3 Tec - SUP Surfboard

Brand: Sunova

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Available Dimension

Length Width Depth Volume
25 1/8"
3 3/4"
69 ltr
3 7/8"
77 ltr
26 7/8"
85 ltr
27 3/4"
4 1/8"
93 ltr
28 5/8"
4 1/4"
102 ltr
29 1/2"
4 3/8"
112 ltr
30 3/8"
4 1/2"
122 ltr
31 1/4"
4 5/8"
133 ltr
4 3/4"
144 ltr
32 15/16"
4 3/4"
151 ltr


James loved the Sunova tech from the first time he rode it and he started working with Bert on shapes as soon as possible. The Flash is the first actual model that resulted from this work. The goal was to bridge the gap between the Acid and the Flow for James in competition as well as regular fun days. It had to have as much performance as possible to play with its two "older" brothers. In the end it's all they wanted to create.  

James Casey 

James has always had a connection to the ocean: from surfing at a young age, to kitesurfing in his teens and in the last few years, SUP surfing and racing.  After competing in his first SUP event in 2014, James is now an active and highly respected member of the local Sydney, Australian and International paddle community.  James has built a reputation for being strong in both aspects of the sport, placing 2nd at the SUP World Tours Sunset Beach Pro and placing 5th at the prestigious Molokai 2 Oahu.

Casey has been with Sunova due to it being the strongest boards, highest performance, you’ve gotta have the best equipment and Sunova's are made in a relatively environmentally friendly way, it’s a win win.

TR3 Technology

TR3 uses special paulownia wood. Approximately three pieces are used per board thus faster to apply and lighter than other techniques. It’s double the thickness of balsa wood, while using the unique sandwich technique this creates a stiffer board but durable. The higher density of the paulownia wood makes for a stronger impact like paddle, heels, knees, or harder objects. The TR3 uses no carbon, but the combination of fiber and pulling the wood lower creates a similar effect as to using carbon. Keeping the unique hand brushed rail paint makes it difficult to notice paddle strokes and repairs as easy as possible. TR3 uses a single deck pad with embossed diamond grip.