Sunova - Christian Fletcher - Doheny - Morphlex Tec

Brand: Sunova

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Available dimensions 

Length Width Depth Volume
19 1/4"
1 11/16"
22 ltr
19 7/8"
1 3/4"
24.3 ltr
20 1/2"
1 13/16"
26.7 ltr
21 3/16"
1 7/8"
29.3 ltr
21 13/16"
1 15/16"
32.1 ltr
22 7/16"
2" 35 ltr
23 1/16"
2 1/16"


The Doheny is the small wave weapon of choice in the Christian Fletcher surfboards range, this isn’t your traditional looking groveller but it certainly does work! 

With plenty of volume and width for its length you can ride this board substantially smaller than your daily driver. Make the most of the conditions today with the Doheny!

Surfer's Journal : What was the learning process like? In terms of refinement, a high-performance board isn’t nearly as forgiving as a fish or a log.

Andrew Doheny: A high-performance shortboard is the hardest type of board to make because you’re making a board with the smallest amount of foam you can get away with. I’m still figuring it out. It’s just trial and error—cutting away at a blank, glassing it, and riding it to see if it works. I just went at it. I tried to keep my ears open and listen to everyone. Cordell [Miller] gave me tips. So did Lance Collins. Stretch gave me a lot of good advice. I went up to Santa Cruz with John John. We were shaping a board with Stretch and he made me my first template. It was a spin template. And he taught me how to use a planer. That was kind of when my boards started getting more functional. Before that, I was just cutting them out and sanding them down with a Surform, like through the skin. That’s a lot of fucking work. So the planer just belted off, like, five hours of work immediately. That’s when the shapes started to get a little better and more functional.

Christian Fletcher 

Christian Fletcher was born in Hawaii but grew up in San Clemente. He began surfing competitively at 5. He placed second in the 1982 U.S. Championships and third in the 1985 National Scholastic Surfing Association Juniors. In 1989 he appeared on the cover of Surfer magazine. Fletcher placed second in the 1982 U.S. Championships and finished the 1985 NSSA Open Season ranked third in Juniors. The same year, at age 14, he turned pro.

Even at that early age, he was bored by much of the surfing going on around him. "I just grew up skateboarding," he recalls, "and it seemed like, you know, I was doing airs on my skateboard and it just seemed natural to do on the surfboard, too. And I just couldn't stand doing what everybody else was doing." He tried his luck in selected events on the ASP world tour for several years, but failed miserably.

If contests could not provide an avenue for his progressive approach, surf videos could. He was insisting that the next frontier for surfing was in the air. Christian Fletcher is the founding father of aerial surfing. 


Morphlex is Sunova's premium performance construction. Developed over the last 5 years, from the persistent pursuit of perfect performance. It is the primary construction for all surfboards under 8’ by Sunova.

Morphlex is designed to have more spring and return in shorter boards than its Balsa Flex predecessor, giving you a positive “more flexible” flex pattern as the board is loaded and unloaded through sections. “Morphing” and bending right into the pocket and rebounding predictably these boards fly out of sections with so much speed and life. A lightweight EPS core is coupled with a ½” parabolic balsa/composite rail that is then sandwiched between balsa skins top and bottom offering a product with unmatched spring and return. 

The bottom is a 1.5mm balsa/fiberglass sandwich that is not completely rigid. This softer area on the bottom cushions the ride of the board, making it amazingly unaffected by chatter, giving you a smooth ride even when conditions are bumpy and average. The deck is a 2mm balsa/fiberglass sandwich with highlighted mini I beams that connect the glass under the wood, with the glass over. This creates a very rigid strong sandwich structure that is incredibly resistant to compressions, creating a strong and responsive feeling underfoot. 

Finished off with solid balsa/composite nose and tail blocks for additional resistance to dings, these boards look even better than they perform. Fitted with a self-regulating air vent that utilizes a slightly permeable Goretex membrane encased in a special aluminum vent designed and engineered by TBF, Morphlex boards are functional and forward-thinking.