Sunova - Creek - TR3 Tec - SUP Surfboard

Brand: Sunova

Available Dimension

Length Width Depth Volume
25 1/8" 3 5/8"
71.1 ltr
7'7" 26"
3 3/4"
79.3 ltr
7'10" 26 7/8"
3 7/8" 87.4 ltr
8'1" 27 11/16"
4" 96 ltr
8'4" 28 9/16" 4 1/8" 105.3 ltr
8'7" 29 7/16" 4 1/4" 115 ltr
8'10" 30 1/4" 4 3/8" 125.3 ltr 
9'1" 31 1/8" 4 1/2" 136.3 ltr
9'4" 32" 4 9/16" 147.9 ltr
9'7" 32 7/8" 4 11/16" 160 ltr

The Creek is a very fast, full on ripper, that is solid in juice while stable enough for wonky conditions, winter gear or larger riders. It makes for a great travel SUP board. The outline, rocker and Speeed tail combine to give an incredibly organic synergy to this board.

The CREEK received its name from our good friend Mr. Rick Weeks aka SUP THE CREEK. Over the last 4 years Rick has become somewhat of our master tester and approver of our SUP surf SUP range. With his intensive knowledge of all other SUPs on the market and his never effected time for constant 10 hours testing days this judgement is very much appreciated to us. 

Over the last years he really understood better than almost anyone including ourselves our range and what each board really does and where it belongs. So it was only a matter of time before Rick asked Bert. 

How would it be if I wanted: The outline of the SKATE, the performance of the FLOW, the rocker of the ACID, and most important the tail of the SPEEED. 

TR3 Technology

TR3 uses special paulownia wood. Approximately three pieces are used per board thus faster to apply and lighter than other techniques. It’s double the thickness of balsa wood, while using the unique sandwich technique this creates a stiffer board but durable. The higher density of the paulownia wood makes for a stronger impact like paddle, heels, knees, or harder objects. The TR3 uses no carbon, but the combination of fiber and pulling the wood lower creates a similar effect as to using carbon. Keeping the unique hand brushed rail paint makes it difficult to notice paddle strokes and repairs as easy as possible. TR3 uses a single deck pad with embossed diamond grip.