Sunova - FCS I - Side Surf Fins Fiberglass (Set of 2 fins)

Brand: Sunova

Outstanding surfing and supsurfing performance. Produces exceptional speed and drive down the line.

  • Designed for radical, progressive surfing
  • The raked side fins produce exceptional speed and drive
  • On the Medium & Large templates a smaller centre fin offers quick release through turns

Core & Setup

  • Light and versatile material
  • Multi-layered resin transfer molding process
  • Flex pattern fins extends progressively from the base through to the tip
  • Maintaining drive and hold through a turn
  • Great for a variety of conditions


Sunova does offer 5 main fin sizes (64, 74, 83, 94, 105) for their boards which are generally correlated to both rider weight & the board size (i.e. 83's (base & height ~4.5") / 94's (base & height ~4.75") & 105's (base & height ~5"). You can come up with your own configuration (e.g. smaller centre fin) when placing an order, as center and side fins are offered separately. You can't go wrong with the Sunova factory fins and other fins (Courtesy to SUPbru).


The 3D 7' is displayed for size reference between the 83 & 94. Also the GMB and the ARC are displayed for size and shape reference and not part of the offering. As the 3D compare them to the GMB Large (not as much sweep but stiffer) and the ARC Large (former Al Merrick 2’s), which appaer to be a fraction stiffer than the 3D's). Like the 3D (sweep of 35 degrees) and the ARC (36 degrees) the Sunovas fins are in the same sweep range depending on their size (Courtesy to SUPbru).