Sunova - GenRation - Falcon - TR3 Tec

Brand: GenRation

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Length Width Volume
23 3/4"
8'4" 26 3/8" 96.2L
9'2" 29" 128L


Speed, power and control for when it gets BIG. The Falcon is the ultimate step-up board for those who are looking to tackle and rip larger surf. This board possesses constant curvature in its narrow outline with thin rails and a thumb tail making for smooth, fast, and consistent turning. Mix this with the single concave to vee, positive rocker and you're sure to have a board that does the name (Falcon) justice with it's speed and fast-flying versatility.

The Falcon is ideal for waves that pack punch and are too big for the smaller high-performance boards in the Genration Edition range. Rip fast and take to the larger waves like you never have before. See you in 'flight'.

*Pads and fins sold separately
The belief that surfers should set up their boards the way that suits their style best. Pad or wax, quad or thruster, bond with your board and customize to your liking.