Sunova - Nalu Paddle

Brand: Sunova

Nalu Paddle
Fixed or Adjustable

The Nalu paddle is the the color that you need for your balsa flex boards. Nalu has drawn up a dozen super colorful drawings with all the crayons he had not yet broken the tips of yet. Being Six years old is what we wish to be sometimes, when you do not yet need to worry about coloring anything perfectly, because the anything is still pure and looks beautiful.  All Nalu paddles are exactly the same layup as our carbon paddles, just with the outside layer using a special layer for the digital print. 

Paddle Specifications 

Blade Area 82" sq2
Blade Length 19"
Blade Width 7 1/2"


Nalu and his brother Gwynt are Six and Four years old when they told Sunova that they wanted to make some art work for the Sunova boards. Sunova said, no problem just do it. The outcome surprised ourselves as much as the kids probably. Today the Nalu paddles are the most sold paddles in the Sunova line, probably because prior to that paddles used to be boring single colors and or black.