Sunova - Polaris - Suns Tec - Surfboard

Brand: Suns

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Available dimensions 

Length Width Depth Volume
22 7/8"
3 1/8"
72.1 ltr
23 5/8"
3 1/4"
79.5 ltr
3 3/8"
92.9 ltr


Suns Technology 

The Suns are a rock solid product, that covers a wide variety of users at an accessible price point. Indestructible stringerless epoxy that goes better than most boards on the market.  Bert has been waiting to do these for years. They are fantastic boards for the surfer who's beginner to intermediate. 

The Suns are made in the same factory as Sunova, providing the same high level of quality control as Sunova production. The Suns use a hybrid glass composite for construction. This provides a strong, durable board at an affordable price.