Sunova - Pro - Surfboard

Brand: Sunova

Available dimensions PRO

Length Width Depth Volume
22 7/8"
2 11/16"
60.5 ltr 

Available dimensions PRO T3

Length Width Depth Volume
22 3/4"
2 15/16"
 65.3 ltr

The Pro

The Pro evolved from a basic need: catch waves on small days, yet still perform when conditions got a little bigger.

As competitive longboarding emerged, surfers started demanding a more versatile board that would give superior performance without overlooking traditional Long-boarding. The PRO longboard combines a Full Performance, Thruster Set-Up with Sunova‘s Composite BalsaFlex Construction Technology to create a board so free and loose, no one can believe a Longboard can be surfed so radically. The Pro is the ultimate performance Longboard attaining that delicate balance between competitive edge and Long-boarding tradition. Definitely the most versatile board in the whole range.