Sunova - Silver Wave Paddle

Brand: Sunova

Silver Wave paddle
Fixed or Adjustable

The Silver Wave paddle is made the very same way our full carbon paddle is made. Its super light and super strong with the only difference being the outside layer. This one uses Titanium clothe which we can digital print and it allows us to add some stunning design on the blade which gives this paddle its unique touch. It's super strong and uses the same amount of carbon in the shaft as all our paddles.

Paddle Specifications 

Blade Area 82" sq2
Blade Length 19"
Blade Width 7 1/2"

After we made sure our paddles are 1st of all performing perfect, are super light and really strong, we started working on processes to get ANY ARTwork we desired. See also the NALU paddle for info on this.

Also from this time started our extended interest in doing custom ARTwork and getting anyone the opportunity to create their own. We will apply it on our products. So, please let us know if you have something cool you like to see on your board or paddle or any other product and we try to make it happen.