Sunova - The One - Eco Tec - Paddleboard

Brand: Sunova

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Available Dimension

Length Width Depth Volume
9'0" 30 1/2" 4 3/4" 149.4 ltr
9'5" 32"
4 3/4"
160 ltr
10'0" 32" 4 1/2" 170.5 ltr
10'2" 33" 4 11/16" 184.1 ltr
10'11" 34"
4 11/16"
 203 ltr


The One range is the most forgiving range we got. These boards have the most all-round usable features of all our boards. Flatwater or surf, stability and comfort. It is a great first board or used by anyone. The goal with this pun intended...was to get everyone into the water. 

The Eco Tec is made using Paulownia Wood which is a tree that is native to SouthEast Asia and is the highest strength to weight ratio hardwood on Earth. It’s also fast growing and is plantation grown in many parts of the world making it an eco friendly wood and the ideal material for building the expedition board which has to stand up to the rigors of coastal expedition life. Wood has a completely different feel when you are paddling it, providing that connection to something naturally made.