Torq - The Don TEC - Surfboard

Brand: Torq


Level 1 > Expert
Wave Height 2 - 6ft+
Category Funboard
Wave Heigth 2 - 6ft+
Finbox Futures
Fins Not included

Available Dimension The Don

Length Width Depth Volume
8'6" 22 1/4”
2 5/8”
57.9 ltr
9'0" 22 1/2”  2 3/4”
64.7 ltr
9'6" 22 3/4”
2 7/8”
71.5 ltr

Available Dimension The Don XL

Length Width Depth Volume
8'6" 23 1/4”
3 5/8”
74.7 ltr
9'0" 23 1/2” 
3/4” 81.8 ltr
9'6" 23 3/4”
3 7/8”
90.7 ltr


The Don 

Modern longboarding has a variety of skill and style that is hard to compare in any other sport. Depending on the surfer, or the wave, or the board, it can be a dance or a martial art. It can be light footed poise or powerful drive, straight line trim or vertical snaps, nose rides or carves. A true modern high performance longboard has to be capable of all of these things.

The Don range has three models which fill all of these needs. The Don is stable on the nose, straight and fast through the middle and lively in the tail.

The Don XL is higher volumed and nose oriented but still super responsive in the tail. The added advantage of the Torq TEC construction; lightweight, strong and super responsive makes the wide repertoire of moves easier and more dynamic.


The Technology

Torq Epoxy Composite offers performance shapes in our state-of-the-art epoxy layup. These boards have the best balance of Lightweight versus Durability. Using an unique lamination process, Torq was able to use a very strong fiberglass lay-up of 6oz and 4oz combined in 3 layered deck and 2 layered base (with a 4 layered rail lap) with a high density EPS foam, but still achieve a board weight that matches a lightweight fiberglass lay-up.

The result is light but very strong board, with good flex characteristics and as with all Torq's excellent value for money.


For lengths of 8'6 and over Torq has introduced a T-stringer and carbon stringer to the deck and bottom for a new level of torsional strength. The Torq longboard technology is incredibly strong, light and responsive.

With 3 layers of glass on the deck and 2 layers on the base, these are super strong, light and feel fast under your feet.