Zap - Whip

Brand: Zap

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The Whip

The Whip is a unique board in the entire Zap Line featuring RidgeGrip™ technology. John Akerman asked for a place to grip the board while grabbing the rail and RidgeGrip™ was born. The midsection of the board has a 3/4” rail ridge that tapers down to a 5/8” core throughout the middle of the board. This creates ergonomic comfort hand grip and unique performance. The 5/8” core in the center maintains a very responsive and fast ride. The 3/4” rail provides extra floatation like a thicker core, giving the best of both worlds. The Whip is rounded out with our super tough GatorSkin™ glass.

Size Dimensions Thickness Volume Weight Limit


50″ x 20.5″


8 Liters

170 lbs.


52″ x 20.6″


9.25 Liters

190 lbs.


54″ x 20.75″


9.5 Liters

210 lbs.


56″ x 21″


9.75 Liters

230 lbs.

 Please note colors may vary if desired please email shop about colors and designs.

*Rider size suggested is for average fitness and ability. Experienced riders may prefer smaller size and beginners may require a larger size.