Casey McCullough

Casey McCullough

August 12, 2023

Casey is a three time world champion in skimboarding and not only is she a professional at skim she's a die hard waterwoman! She’s conquered the ocean by paddleboarded & prone paddled from the Bahamas to Florida…80 miles! Not once but many times! She’s won numerous world titles and countless skim contests! 

Not only does her serious accreditations and titles show her skills. We want to shine some light on the fact that she's a giver! Casey donates a lot of her spare time growing the skim community. Hosting skim clinics, Being active in the Treasure Coast Board Riders Club coaching workshops for people of all ages and levels to improve and share her passion for skimming. She does numerous charity events for cystic fibrosis and other great causes! 

Favorite board brand: Zap Skimboards 

Board of Choice:  Zap - Fuse Casey Pro Rider Model