Riding the Waves of Support for Lee's Lucky Duck Race

Riding the Waves of Support for Lee's Lucky Duck Race

October 09, 2023

If you've been around Fort Pierce for a while, you're undoubtedly familiar with the renowned Lee's Lucky Duck Race – a spectacular event that combines thrill, fun, and a golden opportunity to win some substantial cash prizes. If you’ve noticed the 'Spunky’s Surf Shop' associated with this event for the past three years, that’s no coincidence. Here's a closer look at how why Spunky's Surf Shop has supported and ridden the tide with the Britney Lee Foundation's unique duck race initiative.

A Partnership Born from Shared Values

Spunky's Surf Shop has always been about more than just surfing. At its core, it's a community-centered venture that believes in giving back. So, when the opportunity arose to support the Lee's Lucky Duck Race, it was a natural fit. Both entities share a love for Fort Pierce, the children of St. Lucie County, and an enthusiasm for bringing people together, and a drive to make a positive impact.

Three Years and Counting

For three consecutive years now, Spunky’s Surf Shop has not only been a supporter but has also played a vital role in spreading the word about the event. Our prominent location in Fort Pierce has been instrumental in selling ducks and drumming up excitement in the weeks leading up to the race. The staff, many of whom are locals with deep roots in the community, have personal stories and ties to the Britney Lee Foundation, making their support even more heartfelt and genuine.

Beyond the Race: A Ripple Effect in the Community

The synergy between Spunky’s Surf Shop and the Lee's Lucky Duck Race isn’t just about a single day of racing ducks. It's about creating lasting memories, fostering community spirit, and generating a ripple effect of positive change for the children of St. Lucie County. The funds raised from this event go a long way in supporting various community initiatives. 

As the waves keep crashing on the shores of Fort Pierce, one thing is clear: Spunky’s Surf Shop is here not just to ride the waves, but also to make them. Our unwavering support for Lee's Lucky Duck Race is a testament to our commitment to Fort Pierce and its vibrant community. Here's to many more years of ducks, waves, and community camaraderie!