The Soul by Sunova Surfboards

The Soul by Sunova Surfboards

July 07, 2023

Impressions by Mark Schneider - Team Rider - Fort Pierce - 23th March 2021

I stopped into Spunky’s surf shop in Fort Pierce and picked up the 6’4” Soul. Waves at the jetty that day were head high with a little chop. I put a set of Futures AM2 Techflex fins in and surfed it as a quad. The board did great! It paddles well, catches waves with ease and goes fast. I have had 4 sessions on the board without a pressure ding. Very pleased, I think it’s going to be my everyday board for a while. More to come!

Comments by Bert Burger - Shaper - Phang-Nga

An all round everyday board that catches waves easy. All waves. From just under waist high up to head and a half, you could push it further. General surfing, solid bottom turn, also a wave catcher. Originally back in the late 90’s the Soul was a single fin, as the retro designs were making a comeback. In recent years people asked for a board similar to the Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto, when I compared the original Soul to Hayden’s model, they were virtually identical, so we added the extra fins, beefed it up slightly and just kept it in the range under the same name… Not a high performance board, so if the focus is airs, tight pocket snaps and critical top to bottom surfing, look at something else…