Throwback Thursday Celebrating Surf Culture at Spunky's with Frank Moore

Throwback Thursday Celebrating Surf Culture at Spunky's with Frank Moore

June 27, 2024

Throwback Thursday: Celebrating Surf Culture at Spunky's with Frank Moore

Throwback Thursday! Let's take a trip back to 2022 when Spunky's Surf Shop hosted the Surf Culture Exhibition featuring Frank Moore's incredible photography. This gallery offered a glimpse into the iconic surf moments and lifestyle that define the Treasure Coast. Not only did we showcase the vibrant surf culture, but we also had the honor of welcoming special guests Christian Fletcher and the Sunova team!

Frank Moore's Legacy

Thanks to Frank's dedication, he's captured over 4,000 memorable surfing moments along the Treasure Coast. His photographs are more than just images; they tell the story of a community bonded by the love of the ocean. Frank's work is a testament to the beauty and excitement of surfing, and his unique perspective brings these moments to life.

Visit Spunky's Surf Shop

If you missed the exhibition, don't worry! You can still swing by Spunky's Surf Shop to see some of Frank's work hanging on the walls. Each photo is a piece of surf history, showcasing the dynamic and diverse surf culture of our beloved coast. Whether you're a surfer, paddler, bodyboarder, or beach lover, there's something in Frank's photography that will resonate with you.

Stay Connected

For those who can't make it to the shop, check out Frank's Instagram for weekly posts of surfers, paddlers, bodyboarders, and fellow beach enthusiasts. His ongoing work continues to capture the essence of the surf lifestyle, bringing the thrill of the ocean to your screen.

Join us in celebrating the rich surf culture of the Treasure Coast and the incredible talent of Frank Moore. His photographs are not just images; they are memories, stories, and a testament to the vibrant community we all cherish. Swing by Spunky's to soak in the surf vibes or follow Frank Moore on Instagram, Facebook or his website to stay connected to the surf culture along the Treasure Coast! Who knows he may have some radical shots of you rippin' down the line!