Torq 5'10" PGR in ACT construction

Torq 5'10" PGR in ACT construction

July 07, 2023

Impressions by JAY TODD - Manager - Fort Pierce - 12th of January 2020

I will start off by saying that the construction process is unlikely any other board made that I am aware of.

Flex and reflex are the biggest changes in surfboard construction since the late 1950's. Many leaders of the surfboard industry have been working on flex characteristics and that interaction with surfboard performance, over the last several years. Firewire parabolic rails for example.

Back to what I learned, the flex response certainly is a game changer (I have surfed this board previously in the TEC construction). I consider this to be a fair comparison.

I was initially shocked by the speed coming out of turns, most notably on cutbacks. There was no loose of speed at any point in that maneuver. The changing of direction anywhere on the wave had a sling shot effect, whether it was a simple pump down the line or a full on carve. This certainly adds a wow factor to your performance, and puts a significant spike on the fun meter.

There are two boards being tested at this time. My conversation with the other rider matches my experience. When you see a grey Torq in the water feel free to ask the rider about their experience. Also come into Spunky's Surf Shop and check out this highly advanced technology in surfboard construction/design it is a game changer.