Why should I surf on the hard?

Why should I surf on the hard?

July 07, 2023

Redevelop Coordination and Rhythm - Learning the correct timing of connecting your lower body to your upper body on land, is a great training as it can be repeated often focused on this Single task. The correct coordination and rhythm becomes 'a feeling' that you can transfer to the waves with ease and fluidity.

Introduce Compression and Extension - A lack of compression and extension in a surfer’s legs is one of the major factors that prevents an intermediate surfer from getting better at surfing. By using a surf skateboard you learn correct compression, extension and timing. Good compression is key to generating speed which is needed for all maneuvers.

Generate Speed - Generating speed on a surf skateboard requires the same body movement as on a surfboard. Perfecting the technique will develop the right muscle memory. In the water, these movements will start to feel natural and familiar. Learning to generate speed opens up the possibility of using your rails and carving your way to sharper turns, cutbacks and critical turns.

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